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You Have Her Attention, Now What?

You finally got up the nerve to talk to her and you have her attention so now how do you keep the conversation going?

It's not that difficult if you pay attention. Keeping your listening ears on will be a big help as that will show that you are paying attention and are interested in what she has to say. It is up to you to keep the conversation going and to keep her interest. 

Perhaps you are sitting near each other in a café and you went through the initial icebreaker conversation. She makes a comment that her friend told her about the free internet WiFi service so she thought she would see what it was all about.

You can go far with this conversation as you can ask her about what she does for work, what wireless provider does she use, tell her about yours and even ask her if she knows of another good place you could try.

These few simple questions will get her talking about what she does and places she goes to. It also lets you know what you two might have in common.

Try to keep your own personal stories to a minimum, say like two to three minutes and then direct the conversation back to her by asking her opinion or what she thinks on the subject.

Try to keep a mental note as to when you see her interest start to fade, that is your queue to move onto a different topic. Try not to talk about yourself too much, as that will make you either sound shallow or too nervous. 

Eventually the conversation will come to an end and you will have to bid your new found friend good bye. So how do you end it with style? The first thing you want to do is thank her for the conversation and that you really enjoyed it but you have somewhere you need to be.

Let her know that you want to continue the conversation. This will give you the opening to ask her out for that date! Keep it simple and just set up meeting for coffee or for happy hour in the near future.

You do not want to let too much time to pass between meetings, this way you will stay fresh in her mind and keep her attention. 

Be sure to look back at her and give a big smile and wave again at her. This will let her know that you really enjoyed the time you had with her and it will make her feel special.

Remember that women love the little things like this and if going that extra little mile will make her smile then by all means do it. The end result will great and you both feel special.

Try not to tell your life history in your first meeting. Keep her wanting more. Leave things on a good note and set the date for the next meeting.

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