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Women With Money

Women have generally earned less money then men through out history but that is not the way that it is any more.

There are many women out there that hold some of the most powerful jobs on the planet and will continue to do so for years to come. That has lead to some dating issues over the years.

Generally men like to feel like they are the providers of the population. That is why so many of them are threatened by a woman that earns more money then they do.

They want to believe that they are able to provide all that the woman needs and when she earns more then he does not feel like a man.

To women this seems like a completely stupid thing to go on. They have fought long and hard for a way to make sure that they are getting all that they want from life.

They are not about to step down from their power positions because some man is not comfortable with the fact that they are financially viable.

Well there is a way to weed out these insecure men and still lead a life of happiness in the dating world. Despite all accounts, there is the fact that you can develop a need to make things work when you are still earning more money then the male of the species.

We have put together some tips for this case.

Starting out on the right foot

The kind of man that you are looking for in this world is going to be a straight shooter. In other words he is going to want things to be brought right out and in the open right away.

That is nothing that will be all that difficult because you are used to being in charge any way and that should be a positive thing.

If you want to show the man all the cards then you should be in the right place of mind to do so. Be open and up front about the kind of money that you make with your job or business. That will level the playing field all the way around.

You will then having nothing to hide from him when the time comes. It is going to be better to have the situation developed into a position that is apparent and up front.

If you try to hide the fact that you make more money then the man you are seeing then he could feel like you are not being honest with him. That is the kind of thing that has started many bad relationships.

The Right man

In most cases the man that you are looking for is going to not base his life on money. That is where you will find the mate that you need. If he is truly not interested in the financial aspects of life then you are going to find that a true relationship can blossom from that fact and move forward.

Look for a man that works for the passion rather then the money. Many teachers are like this. They are working as a teacher because they are passionate about teaching and they are not all that concerned about money.

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