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What Women Prefer - Handsome Vs Intelligent

Many men have found the answer to this question the hard way. When you are in high school and you are the hero of the basketball or baseball team, girls would swoon over you just because you are the handsomest bloke around.

You think that you have your life made - and you would never ever have to work again to attract a girl; all you would have to do is take your pick. Well, you are wrong - things change very fast and by the time you are 20 you will find the tables changed.

The Importance Of Physical Attractiveness To Women

All women would notice and want a handsome man - just as all men would notice and love a beautiful woman.

However, while physical attractiveness is the greatest ice-breaker for a relationship, it is the weakest reason to hold it together. Women want much more from a man when it comes to a relationship - and on that list looks are not that important.

If the man looks great but is a mannerless, brainless brute the relationship would very soon come to a grinding halt. It would take a woman maximum three dates to find out that the looks are not worth the whole package.

The Importance Of Intelligence To A Woman

Intelligence here is not only an engaging trait - it is also a reassurance that this man would be able to provide for his family.

In spite of the feminism and the fact that most women today are economically self-sufficient - they still look for a man who can be a good provider if need be. They need to know that this man would be a good father and husband - and a lot depends on his ability to earn. 

Intelligence, wit and humor makes a man irresistible to a woman - this is because for a woman sex starts between her ears. If she feels good about the way he talks and behaves then for her sex becomes great.

Though women love sometimes pure animal sex and for that an attractive man would do just fine - in the long run they need to connect with their man in order to enjoy sex in full. Most women find intelligent men a great turn on.

Choosing Between Handsome And Intelligent

You ask any woman - the intelligent man would win hands down over the handsome man - because for her the intelligent man would be able to stimulate her mentally and physically while the handsome man would only be a sexual indulgence.

It is not that women do not give too much importance to sex - but that they look for far more depth in a relationship than mere sex (however great that would be).

This a thumbs-up sign for all men out there who feel that they are not attractive enough to make a great first impression.

Do not fret too much on your looks - women in general are not so shallow that they pay attention only to the packaging; you have more chances to strike a relationship with her based on your intelligence and wit than you would have ever had with great looks.

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