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Middle Aged, Divorced And Looking For Dates

There are millions out there who fit this bracket. Are you one of them? The first thing you should know is that you are not alone and this is normal.

Being divorced or being middle aged does not disqualify you from seeking a date. Everyone is entitles to seek happiness and if yours lies in finding a life partner so be it.

How To Go About This And Come Out As A Winner

If you feel that a date would make you feel better about yourself, move out on all cylinders. Do not leave any scope for doubts or fears - though initially you would have many. Let us check some of the worst doubts and fears that you might have when you set out on this path.

What would the children think of me - this is the question that most parents would have on the top of their heads when they would think of considering seeking a date.

What should they think? They would think that their mum or dad is having a go at finding some happiness - nothing more, nothing less. You will do well to have a discussion with them before so they would know how you feel. 

Do not ask their permission - what you need to do is inform them that you are looking for someone with whom you could share your feelings; that you need to check out whether you can have a relationship again.

In majority cases, children would empathize with you. In case they do not - have someone else talk to them about it - like their grandparents, or your sister or bother. Once they realize that you still care for them your kids would be happy for you.

I look and feel terrible - hey, no one expects you to look 20 when you are 45 years old. Do not fret on looks issues. Middle age does not mean you are ancient. At this age, people look for maturity, for understanding, for depth and then sex.

Sex and physical attraction is still important; however, there are many other factors which are as important, if not more - balancing the wheel pretty good. Accept the way you look, love yourself and you will see that others would do, too.

Who will want to date me - this is the exact question the other guy or gal would have framed in their mind as well. What would you say to a 40-45 year old who thinks nobody would be interested in them? You would laugh in their face, right?

Well, now look at yourself posing that question. However you are looking, however hurt you have been in the past relationships, you still have it in you to make someone's life a little better and thereby making yourself whole again.

Give yourself that chance - and seek the other soul who would most probably share all the insecurities are fears you are facing just now.

What if this relationship ends in disaster (read divorce) again? - well, what if you die tomorrow? What if the world comes to an end next year?

These are all probabilities with which we can live - and just because they are there we do not stop taking chances just because they might end badly.

There are more things in life lost for the lack of trying than failure. Try and see what fate has in it for you - you might be in for a lovely surprise.

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