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Body Language Mistakes To Avoid When On A Date

Some people do not realize that their body language can say a great deal. You can tell someone that you are tired or aggravated without saying a word. By simply crossing your arms can give someone the impression that you are not happy. 

Yawning through a movie can tell someone that you are board and do not like the movie. Pay close attention to the other person's body language as most often people misread this. 

That can lead to all sorts of problems such as unwanted advances or missed opportunities. Be sure to pay close attention to what the other peon is saying with their body language. 

Many cultures believe the eyes are the portal to ones soul. There is a great deal of truth to that, as you can tell a great deal about someone just by looking deep into their eyes. 

Try to keep good eye contact that way you can see what your date is feeling. By avoiding eye contact you send the message that you are not interested so keep those peepers open and watch what is going on around you. 

Gestures with your hands such as a woman flipping her hair or fixing her makeup can give the sign that she is interested. You want to be sure that she is flirting and not just fixing her makeup. 

You can make yourself look foolish if she didn't even notice you and you read her all wrong. Try not to talk with your hands too much. You don't have to act out the story to tell it to your date. 

If you are trying to let someone know that you are interested then be careful not to put a barrier between the two of you as a security blanket. It can send mixed signals and give the impression that you really aren't interested at all. 

Some people will hold a book in the hands in front of them or use a chair to hold onto and that give an impression that you want to keep something between the two of you, that you don't want to get too close. 

You posture can say a great deal as well. You want to stand with your shoulders back as standing slouched over can give the impression that you are a lazy person or that you are sloppy. 

With the right posture you can say to someone that you are confident and in control. No matter what you think the gesture means, give it a second glance to be sure that you are getting the right signal. Obviously a smile or a wink is pretty self explanatory. 

That shows someone that you are interested without going overboard and without having to say a word.

Dead on eye contact with a bright smile can say a great deal to another person in a positive way, just as a deep sigh and a head shake can tell them that you are not interested.

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