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Beware Of Fraud While Dating Online

Dating online is a lot of fun and many people find this a great way to pass their time, if not searching for a life partner. 

The fact that there are many websites out there which can put you in contact with types of women/men is exceedingly appealing. However, all good is intermingled with bad and dating online too has its own downsides. 

The Dangers Of Online Dating 

Most people think that women are the potential victims with online dating. You will be surprised to learn that men too could be victimized. Check out a few things you need to be aware of when you are dating online: 

Too much information wanted - she is friendly, beautiful and very inquisitive. At first glance, you would think that this is the best you could get. However, you need to look closer.

What type of information she is asking you? You mother's maiden name? You place of birth? Your security number (some women say, that they do not believe you are an US citizen unless you give them your security number or your credit card number).

It can be not stressed enough that you should never give such information online to any woman - however gorgeous she is, however promising the relationship looks.

Sometimes, such women (or men disguise as women online) use dating sites to tempt men into giving such vital information which is then used to steal their identity. Identify theft is one of the major online frauds ever.

The use the M words - money, marriage, meeting - if you find that the woman you are corresponding with proposes marriage just after two-three emails or speaks about marriage as a commitment that she has taken for granted out of this relationship - this is a warning signal.

Similarly, there are women who would spin a sad story and ask you for money for different purposes. Be careful, very careful when you are asked for money.

Lastly, if she is anxious to meet you - it is not always a good sign. There are women who actually lead the men to have sex and then blackmail them or con them into giving them money.

Are too brazen and sexual in their approach - most women look for a relationship first and then a sexual encounter. If the tables are reversed, then you need to be careful as things might not be what they seem.

Sometimes, high class call girls work on dating lines and use this medium to hook "new clients".

If your prospective date speaks of sex more than mental compatibility and you are meeting on a regular dating online website, this might not be a good prospect. This could be appropriate if you are 'meeting' on an adult dating site, though.

Problems with sharing photographs - she has a mind blowing photograph posted on her profile. However, when you ask her to send you more, she wriggles out of it every time.

It is possible that the photograph is "borrowed", touched up or of when she was younger. Before you agree to meet her ask her (insist) the she send you a recent passport photograph so you would recognize her or you might be in for a shock.

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