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Why Do The Dating Relationships Become Less Intimate Over Time

There is little doubt that dating relationships are fun and exciting. It is a great feeling to know that the person you like likes you too. It is through dating relationships that you get to know somebody. 

Initially you may want to spend plenty of time with your crush. But over a period of time these relationships start becoming less intimate. You find that you do not feel good anymore in the relationship with your date. 

There are many reasons for a close relationship becoming less intimate. Let us try to find out.

Your relationship is not healthy anymore:

It is seen that the dating relationships that started as healthy relationship do not remain so over a period of time. Following things start lacking: respect for each other, honesty towards each other, and poor communication between the two. Also one of the companions is no longer trustworthy.  

Remember unhealthy relationships can cause you physical and emotional hurt. 

Your date may be much older than you:

It is of course not a big deal if your date is much older than you. But over a period this may become the cause of your relationship becoming less intimate. It may so happen that your older date may want to have more physical relationship with you, to which you may not feel comfortable. 

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Your crush no longer respects your right to say “no”:

As a dating relationship advances in time, one of the dates may want to go beyond the comfort levels of the other. One of the partners may feel pressured to do something that they do not want to do. 

Your date does not respect your right to say no to what you feel is not right. And your talks to your crush in this regard have produced no result. 

You have slipped into an abusive and unhealthy relationship:

Another reason for dating relationships becoming less intimate is when these relationships become unhealthy and the partners start abusing them. Your crush does not like when you talk or hang out with other friends. 

As time progresses, one of the dating partners may start bossing around the other. Your dating partner picks up fights with others and/or loses his/her temper quite often. 

Dating relationships also sour because of the fact that one of the dating companions may start taking the other for granted. Your date forces you to have sex against your liking.

The problem in the relationships aggravates when one of the dating partners starts abusing drugs and alcohol. Not only this, he /she may pressurize you to try the same. 

When you start feeling sad, depressed, nervous and anxious in your dating relationship with your date, this signals that it has become less intimate. 

When couples are dating each other for a considerable time, they may start taking their dates for granted. They may start blaming each other for the problems they face and start finding faults in other. That is the beginning of relationships becoming less chummy and genial.

When partners start abusing their dating relationships verbally, physically, emotionally or sexually it is a clear sign of their relationships becoming less intimate. That is the time to take some corrective measures or take a decisive step. 

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