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7 Common Mistakes By Guys During Dating

Every man need to know what making a single women anger or annoyance. Your physical attractiveness may be waste, if you do not know to treat them well. You need to know their needs and then give it to her without any misleading appearance. Here are some common mistakes men make when dating.

1) keep eyeing on other women:

If you keep eyeing women other than your date, it is clear sing for that you have no self control and have no respect for your date. Men think that their partner will not notice their actions. That is a big mistake. They always notice your movements and she might end up so disgusted with your behavior that she may not want to go dating with you ever.

2) Looking at the ground and walking slowly:

Looking at the ground and slow walking almost always come together. These are another mistake on dating and they are clear signs of insecurity. If you are always looking at the ground when you walk, your partner considers it as you are trying to avoid eye contact with her. Keep your noble chin up when you walk.

3) Avoid kissing and foreplay before penetration:

Several men think foreplay is each of them taking their clothes off and lying down. Actually it isn’t optional. In order to prepare vagina for the penetration, woman needs much more time. So please give her the time to prepare, and spend some time kissing her, touching her, and talking to her.

4) Undressing too early:

Undressing too early is another big mistake relate to the sex on dating. This can be a signal to your lady that you need sex. It is better to wait until things get a little hot and heavy and she starts to peel your shirt or pants off, first.

You make sure to take your socks off before your pants because women believe a man in only his socks and underwear is a man at his worst.

5) Avoid kissing after oral sex:

Some time men do not like to kiss his girlfriend after she gives him a blow job. It is a bad practice and that will lead to an end of oral sex in your dating life. If she loves to give you oral sex, you never make her feel like a leper afterwards. Please give her a big kiss. That will show how much you love her and will show how much pleasure that she gives you.

6) Cheap deal:

The most common mistake by a guy on dating is being cheap. Men need to show some courtesy and go to a place that offers decent food, wine and catering. Avoid going to fast food joints as well as junk food.

7) Meeting with your gang:

Every man would like to show off their girl to their friends, but you need not do that on the first dating. Invite your friends after your first date otherwise it puts her in a very uncomfortable situation.

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