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How To Make The First Date Romantic

Going on the first date is perhaps the most important date the two of you will have together. This is the chance for each of you to show each other what and who you are and still keep the spark of interest there. 

Everyone knows that the most popular thing to do on a first date is usually going out to dinner. But just dinner alone and even a move is not going to make the night special. You have a few options of what you can do to make that night special and make your date want to come back for more. 

Carnivals or theme parks are always a good choice. This allows the tow of you to kick back and relax. No fancy clothes are needed for this kind of date and you get close to one another on the rides. 

This give you things to talk about as well as you can reminisce over your child hood and funny times you each had doing things like this when you were kids. 

If you choose a move to go to make is a romantic comedy. This is good as you both can enjoy the movie equally and it helps to set the romantic mood adding a little magic there. Be sure not to act board during the movie and don't talk thru the movie either. 

You will have the movie to talk about afterwards. Try to take your date to do something that they have never tried before. When making the date ask about what they normally do on dates to get an idea of what he or she likes and doesn't like. Make it a fun activity that you both can try. 

Don't go over board, just keep it simple like Miniature golf, playing pool or even roller-skating. You will be able to see if your date is having fun and if he or she isn't then quit the activity and go out to eat instead. The date doesn't have to be lost just because your date isn't into golf. 

Be sure to have good eye contact and light touching. Don't grope your date or be too clingy. A simple holding hands or touching of the arm can say a lot on a firs date. Don't forget the good night kiss. 

Start with a simple peck on the cheek and tell the person that you enjoyed the date if you really did. Don't go with the old saying "Lets do this again sometime", set a second date right then. 

If you both enjoyed the first one then there will be no hesitation on setting up the next one for the following weekend. 

Be sure to compliment your date but don't go over board. Giving too many compliments can ruin the date as you can make the other person feel uncomfortable and make them feel as you are getting too attached to quickly. 

Your date should be fun and memorable so keep it simple and enjoy each others company.

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