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The First Kiss

We all know that the first kiss you have with someone that you are dating can make or break the possibility of future dates.

Women perceive the first kiss as a window into what the relationship would be like so when you go in for that first kiss you want to be prepared to make a great first impression.

You only get one chance at a first kiss so you do not want to blow it. Below are some tips to help you see fireworks and to keep her coming back for more.

Keep it private- One of the key elements in the ultimate first kiss is privacy. Women want the first kiss to be romantic and special so be sure to pick the right spot. You want this to be something for just the two of you not something to share with everyone in the room.

Know when to stop-Don't be one of those guys that tries to get it all in the first kiss. Be the first to end the kiss. This will be a good tool to use to get her to want to kiss you more.

Feel the moment- Be sure to focus on her body language and what she is saying. You need to feel that the moment is right. You don't want the first kiss to be right after she hangs the phone up with her mother.

When you feel the time is right try stroking her hair softly while complimenting her on it. Tell her how soft her hair is and you love the way is shines. If she responds well with this then it may be time to make your move.

Tease her a bit- Nothing builds more anticipation then teasing. You can tease her without having to even touch her. Try smelling her neck and while your there breathe lightly on her neck. This will drive her nuts, she will be waiting for you to kiss her neck as you are so close but then pull away.

Be passionate-When you do go in for the kiss you could try pulling her head back slightly so you have total control over the kiss. This is also a good tool to drive her over the edge.

Using your hands- Let her know how delicate you find her and how you cant help yourself. When you kiss her cup her face in your hands, this allows you to keep control of the kiss and to make her melt in your hands.

Add a little spice- Once you get past the first kiss you can spice it up a bit by varying the kisses between soft small ones to deep passionate ones. Remember to be the first to pull away and you will soon find she is trying to plant one on you.

Move around a bit- You don't have to stay mainly with her lips. Explore a bit, nibble on her neck and ears. If done right you will feel her panting in no time.

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