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How To Get That Perfect-For-You Woman Online

Are you tired of dating women who are not exactly for you? Are you finding the online dating a waste of time - though entertaining and lots of fun? It is time you took stock of your position and your goal(s).

The fact that you are tired of dating shows that you have been attracting/ going out with the wrong women. The goal would be in this case - finding the right woman should not be that difficult.

The Basic Requirements

First of all you need to find out what you want. Take a piece of paper and write down what are the exact things you are looking for in a relationship - sex? long term relationship? romance? a trusty friend? You need to find out what is it you want in the first place. 

Most of the time men are confused about what they want and search for it through trial and error method. They think that when the real thing comes along they would recognize it and hold on to it.

However, things do not work like this. The best approach here is to work on it just like you would look for a job - have a clear goal and find the best ways to achieve it.

How To Attract The Right Woman

Once you have found what you actually want in the relationship - whatever it is - you need to put that in your profile. Ensure that everything you write is positive.

If you are looking for a witty person say - 'I am very attracted women with wit' rather than 'Dull and witless women should not contact me'.

Ensure that whatever you write is clear and unambiguous. State the top three characteristics that you would want to have in the woman you want to meet and then leave the rest for discovery during the date. 

You also need to be very clear about what you do not want in the woman you are planning to date - you do not want divorced women to contact you, you do not love kids, you do not like woman who smokes, etc - spell it out clearly.

Write it clearly but inoffensively - 'Please note my idiosyncrasies before contacting me - I do not like kids, the habit of smoking, being overweight, etc' - in this way women who fall into the 'no-no' bracket would not contact you.

How To Get A Date With The Right Woman

Your profile would bring in responses for various women. At the same time you need to contact as many women as possible. Check out the profiles of different women and write to those whom you feel could fall into the 'wanted by you' category.

Do not agree to meet anyone until you have found out all that you need to know about them with regard to their likes and dislikes. Also do not forget to request them a photograph while you should send one of yours as well. 

Treat this as a short-listing process so you would meet only those women who come the closest to your preferences. While corresponding with these women you would also be able to find out plenty about them by the style of 'speaking' in their emails.

Once you have your shortlist ask them out for a date one by one and take it from there - you will find that now the women you are meeting would be much closer to your ideals than ever before.

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