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How To Get Rid Of Shyness - Step By Step

Are you among those men who feel shy talking to women? Do not worry. You are not a phenomenon.

There are millions like you out there trying to work out courage to start a conversation with the woman they like - and most of them give up without trying. The good news here is that shyness can be totally cured. You can fight it, too. 

What Is Shyness?

Have you stopped and asked yourself why are you feeling shy? Why are people shy?

They are afraid of rejection; they are afraid to deal with situations where they are not in complete control; they get embarrassed if others do not think the way they do, or behave the way they do - so they would rather not do anything to 'rock the boat'.

How Can You Overcome Shyness?

Shyness is a reflection of insecurity. A person who is not comfortable with himself/ herself feels shy - because they are afraid of other people's judgment about their behavior.

They are not confident about what they think or what they do; their confidence always depends on other people's endorsement. Your life need not be like this. You can break out of this pattern and overcome your shyness quite easily. Check out the following few tips:

Recognize and appreciate that you are an individual - you are special and you are an individual who cannot be compared with anyone else because you (as all human beings) are unique. You have your own likes and dislikes and that is completely okay.

You need to find out what makes you (and only you) happy or sad and act accordingly. Let your inner self talk with you. Do not suppress the inner voice - listen to it.

The more you will listen to it, the louder it will get, the more comfortable you would feel with yourself.

Visualize the worst possible scenario - very rarely things go in the worst possible way. But even if they do, visualizing it would prepare you for it.

Whatever the possible 'bad' outcome - it also has he possibility of a 'good' outcome. By not trying you cut off the chances of the good outcome by fearing about the bad outcome. So, try it. In nine out of ten cases, it goes the positive way.

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst - what can a woman do when you approach her? At the very worst she might slap you - though for such an extreme action you would need to mess up big time.

In most cases, she would just tell you that she had a boyfriend already or that she was not interested. That is okay as well - and not that bad to take as an answer.

Allow for 'no' as an answer - many people get embarrassed because they take it for granted that something they plan would happen as they planned.

Just remember, when you ask a question there are always two possible answers - 'yes' and 'no'. Be prepared for both. Allow space for 'no' and take it as one of the possible answers.

Socialize, socialize, socialize - there is something with recluses that promotes shyness. It is like you loose your touch to communicate and interact with people.

If you are among people who are labeled as shy, make it a point to start socializing. The more you would meet and interact with people, the less shy you would feel.

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