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How Can Over-Possessiveness Destroy The Dating Relationships

Millions of people from all around the world get involved in dating either by meeting personally or by getting in touch through internet. Are they all successful in their dating relationships? As a matter of fact very few relationship amongst all lasts for a longtime. Why is it so?

There are innumerable reasons responsible for the break-up of a relationship. One of the most prominent reasons of a break-up is jealousy and over-possessiveness. If you speak to somebody going through dating relationships problem, over-possessiveness would definitely be one of the major reasons. If you want your relationship should survive then you should have good controlling power on your feelings and emotions.

How to cope up with over-possessiveness?

First thing is to understand the beauty of your relationship and respect your partner. If you are in love, you definitely would not like to restrict your partner’s freedom. Dating relationships need some time and space to nurture. The more you try to understand your partner, the better and deeper gets your relationship. 

There are relationships where the quarrel starts over just because the partner reached home late. How can you fight for such reasons? Every individual has right to do whatever he or she wants. It is better to have a conversation with your partner in such a situation and calm down your anger. 

A possessive partner in dating relationships will always want to be around his or her lover and will want to know more about the people associated with him or her. It is absolutely unacceptable because your partner already have certain set of friends and relatives much before you came into his or her life. It would be unfair to force somebody and try to put restrictions from meeting people.  

Dating relationships can flourish only when you are not making excessive demands. People having weak emotional foundation often make such demands and try to get jealous and over-possessive. Even you want that freedom in your life so why not your partner. Your positive attitude will make your partner comfortable and strengthen the relationship.

Over-possessiveness is a sign of low self-esteem. Is it that you want to show your partner? I am pretty sure; you will only want to show the best in you. 

It is easy and takes minutes to break a dating relationship whereas it takes months and years to build one. Why do you want to make your life miserable with such actions? Instead take positive actions towards your relationship. It will only bring happiness and peace in your life.

If your partner is getting over-possessive, try and address the issue straight forward. In a relationship both the person have to take the responsibility. You and your partner will also be responsible for the quality and value of your relationship. Never try to end the relationship without knowing the facts.
Remember, over-possessiveness will never take your relationship ahead because your partner will soon get sick and tired of all the restrictions you have put. Do you really want your dating relationship to take a bad turn? The best way to sail in a relationship is by giving complete freedom to your partner and by having heart to heart conversation about each others expectations.

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