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5 Things To Avoid Essentially In Dating Relationship

Dating relationship is the one where you are constantly going out with each other and exploring ways when you can get settled into a real relationship as a couple. Through dating, you get to know a person from within enabling you to explore his or her interests and view points.

Dating relationship is fragile and very few people know where to draw the line. A small mistake can lead to much damage in a relationship that is still on its building stages and therefore must be dealt with care and concern.

Some people may take dating as fun but it is also the place where you can find your life partner if you are compatible and serious in a dating relationship. The time used in dating should be used constructively so that you become aware of other persons hobbies, dislikes, likes, attitudes and interests.

5 things should be avoided essentially in dating as these hurt relationships and are beyond repair.

Do not lie:

It is always best to be upfront with the person you are dating. Being honest about your work, life, hobbies and relationship helps you build the trust and confidence required to build a relationship. 

Lying relates to cheating the other person of his feelings. Portraying yourself as understanding and compatible means, you are cheating yourself as well as our partner. It can spark troubles later in your life if you wish to settle down.

Do not over expect:

Be patient, go with the flow of the relationship, and see how things evolve. Never expect too much out of a dating relationship. By expecting too much you might be heading towards disappointment. Accept and respect your partner for the person he is with an open mind. This will allow you to give space and time for your relationship to develop.

Avoid being Jealous.

Avoid jealousy in dating relationship because this is the fastest way to kill a relationship.
Harmony is the vital component of any relationship and can prevail if there is agreement and consent of both the partners. The weaker partner may be forced to accept your demands or follow forced leadership unwillingly but it will not be long before he or she will leave you.

Being jealous of each other’s work or friendship with other people will only lead to a suspicious nature that does not have any cure.

Avoid Being Silent:

Silence is what mars the dating relationship, as individuals do not know the essence of effective communication. You should have enough ideas to start a conversation and avoid those awkward silences. Communication helps in knowing the person at the other end and express your viewpoints incase of disagreement.

Always keep a line of communication open and talk freely with your partner during a dating relationship about the concerns you have. By letting things pass, you will only be dooming your relationship before it has a chance to regenerate.

Avoid Being Monotonous:

Dating relationship at times falls into a monotonous routine making the partners feel it is growing stale and boring. Keep the relationship fresh and alive by doing something spontaneous for your partner and exploring new things. Give yourself time and be patient. Meeting your partner after a week will be more exciting than going on a date everyday.

Making the relationship last is to work on it consciously and uncompromisingly. Identifying what is lacking in the relationship can help couples make a collective effort to make their dating relationship into a long-term relationship.

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