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Insecurity Drives The Jealousy In Relationships

The feeling of getting close with any person has a lot of explicit pros and implicit cons. It helps you to feel much secured with the love and care you happen to get.

The stage where everyone tends to fail is that when you are compared with another person by someone you love. 

This is where the term jealousy comes into the picture. Jealousy in relationships can be helpful but dangerous most of the times. 

It gives a good feeling if someone is possessive about you. However, it gives a bad feeling if they don’t understand you and the situations which couldn’t have been avoided by you.

Overcoming the feeling of jealousy in relationships is something very much like the process of changing any emotional behavior and it requires a lot of love and trust. 

Stop fighting and start loving

There are a lot of situations where you might have to avoid the fights. As it crosses a level of tolerance, it creates a permanent hatred on the either side. This even stops them from giving preferences to each other and they stop caring about each other.

Silly mistakes mark the stages of testing the depth of your understanding power. Once you pass these stages with mental strength, you are entitled “The King” of relations where there is no door open for jealousy in relationships and fights.

Trusting each other will strengthen the relationships and it requires conscious effort from both the people involved in the relationship. 

Think first, communicate and then react

Before getting angry about any situation, it is really better to think a lot about the issue that creates jealousy in relationships, which normally ends in disputes.

If a person is very close to you, you can be very open and frank to ask her/him about the situation that caused jealousy in you. This even gives a better impression about you. Effective communication is the key for any successful relationship.

Reacting to the jealousy with anger and harsh words may greatly damage the natural essence of the relationship. Therefore, you will need to hold down first before addressing your concerns with your partner.

Believe the relation than your instincts. 

This can help you to attain a better stability in any relation. It also makes the person other side to feel very much secure and comfortable with you. He/she tends to feel free in sharing anything with you and finds it very comfortable to hang out with you.

Reliance towards the relation and the person can be the best way to deal with the problems. Believing in your partner will help you to ward off the feeling of jealousy towards other person. 

Avoid jealousy following these simple and easy to follow steps 

Control your stress that has been killing your thoughts and reactions so long. Stress sometime makes you blind and you do not see the obvious things. You will need to cool down first and understand the situations first and then act accordingly.

Realize your mistake that made you feel jealous in the relationship. This can be the most important step for avoiding jealousy in relationships. Most of the times, it is the confusion that creates jealousy in the relationships.

Stop expecting and start understanding things. This can help people around you to adore you and have a sound relationship with you. This will also help you in not getting disappointed with small little things and you will lead a sound and comfortable life.

Jealousy in relationships is nothing unnatural but you will need to trust your partner communicate effectively in order to curb it whenever it occurs.

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Jealousy in relationships is nothing unnatural but you will need to trust your partner communicate effectively in order to curb it whenever it occurs.
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