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To Flirt Or Not To Flirt, What Is The Right Way?

For as long as we all can remember, men and women have been using flirting as a way to let the other know that they are interested in the other. Now this has been proven time and time again to be very effective, but if done the wrong way, it can be disastrous. 

Here you will find tips on what is considered acceptable flirting and what is considered unacceptable flirting. 

How you choose to flirt it totally up to you but with some tried and true flirting methods you will see that you are well on your way to letting that special someone, subtlety that you are interested. 

The first thing you want to be sure on when flirting with someone is that you both are single. You want to flirt in a way that lets the other know that you are interested without being obnoxious. 

There is nothing worse then having someone come up to you flirting with cheesy pick up lines that make them sound desperate and vulgar. Lines like "Baby you must be tired because you have been running through my mind all night" are definitely out of the question. 

You also want to be careful when it comes to touching the other person. This is a good way to let some know that you are interested but you don't want them to felt that their personal space has been compromised. 

If you have been talking with the person and you feel that there is a connection there between the two of you then a simple touch on the arm can mean a great deal. Do not be clingy or huggable. Many people do not like to be "hugged "right from the start.  

Some good ways to flirt would be to strike up a conversation about something that you both have in common. Perhaps make a joke about something you both saw on the TV while sitting at the bar or about something on a magazine cover in line at the store. 

It starts a light conversation and will let you see if there are any sparks there. You can take it from there and if it feels right through in a subtle complement. Be sure to look the other person in the eye. Eye contact is perhaps one of the best ways of flirting. 

You can tell a great deal from looking into ones eyes. You will also want to stay away from racist or religion jokes as you do not know the other persons background and you do not want to offend him or her. 

Just remember to keep it simple and watch the other person's body language. Chances are if they avoid looking at you and turn the other way, then they are not interested and it is time to move on. 

Flirting can be fun if done the right way but if it is done the wrong way then you both will walk away alone and unhappy.

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