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Top 5 Dating Tips For Men

There are so many things that can be said about dating that one simply doesn't even know where to start. But dating all comes down to a man and a women putting their best foot forward and taking the time to know each other better. Guys try to impress women on the date by looking up different types of dating tips while girls try to charm the guy they like into liking them back.

With all the anxiety that comes into dating though, we hear all about "magical" techniques that claim to make the guy or girl you want fall for you. All these are a misconception though because there is no actual formula you should follow in order to be successful in a relationship. After all, everyone is unique but simple dating tips can certainly go a long way. So below are some dating tips for clueless guys: 

1. Be prepared for the date. One of the top dating tips is to be prepared for the date. You need to decide the time you will pick up your date, where the date will occur, what activities you will do, or even the conversation you will have. This is one of the best dating tips because if your date sees the effort you put into it, she will be touched. But don't take the date too seriously or she might get freaked out. 

2. Look your best. Everyone will try to look their best on their first date. This is a simple dating rule that should not be broken. You shouldn't just be concerned about your looks on the first date though so make an effort to look great all the time by joining a local gym, reading up on lifestyle magazines, getting a new haircut or treatment. You can be certain that these dating tips will make you feel ten times better about yourself even after the date. 

3. Be confident. For some guys, self-confidence might come naturally but for most of us, we have to work on it. Women are attracted to confident guys because it makes them feel more valued if these confident guys like them back in return. Think about it, will you feel good if an insecure woman keeps on calling you at different times of the day and checking up on all the women you meet because she's jealous. It works both ways. 

4. Think about the goals of the date. If you are just started going out, there is no need to take this too seriously. But once you are around each other during most of your waking hours or if the relationship is becoming serious, it would be a great idea to determine what level of commitment both of you expect from each other. 

5. Don't be too available. Almost all dating tips you read up on will tell you that you should be mysterious so make dating a thrilling experience. Well, this is one of the best dating tips there is because both men and women love the chase that comes with establishing a solid relationship.

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