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Know The Bad Dating Signs

We get into a relationship expecting the very best out of it. There are times when luck might not be in your favor.

Bad dating signs are the symptoms shown by one of the partners which send the warning signals to the other partner if he or she built the relationship with the wrong person.

We often get scared of being left out alone forever before breaking a weak and bad relationship but you should remember that there might be a better person waiting for you out there. Take the best possible decision and hope for the best.

There are times when you know right from the beginning that the relationship does not stand a chance. While on the other hand, you might discover the same after you’ve spent some time with your partner. 

Whenever you notice irreconcilable bad dating signs, you’ll need to put an end to the relationship in order to prevent future disasters.

Beneath stated are a few such bad dating signs:

· The first and most dangerous sign of a bad relationship is physical abuse which should never be tolerated.

There are some people who always apologize after being violent but are back to square 1 after a while. Meet a relationship counselor if you need to. If the problem still exists, you should think of taking a permanent break from the relationship.

· When a relationship is merely all about sex, it definitely is bad sign. Just having sex without any emotional bonding definitely has no joyful future.

A perfect partner is the one who will provide you with the mental and emotional support along with the physical affection.

· If you are frustrated and unhappy time and again in a relationship pertaining to a couple of small issues or due to just one big issue, do not just sit around thinking it will get solved with time.

Consult a professional couples counselor if need be. If the frustration still persists, it would be wise to break the relationship instead of waiting for some more years.

· Another sign of bad dating is when your partner is too dominant and tries to be in command of each and every aspect without giving you any importance. Before getting suffocated with the relationship, you should reclaim your life and get out of the troubled relationship.

· Being too possessive is also a sign of bad relationship. We, as human beings need space to rejuvenate and recharge ourselves. 

· Jealousy due to the other partner’s progress and friendships becomes a bigger issue going further with the relationship. You might need to give serious thoughts about such situations.

· If your family and friends notice a lot of changes in you after you started dating someone, you might want to sit back and assess them and their causes. Many a times we tend to change ourselves in order to appeal to our partners.

Some changes like taking up new interests and habits is fun and fine. However changing into an entirely different person is quite a big deal.

The above stated points about bad dating signs are the most prevalent but not the only ones to look out for in a relationship. There may be many other bad dating signs and you should follow your instincts to take the correct decisions.

Nobody gets into a relationship expecting it to break. However, there are times when we need to trust our mind more than our heart. The art in this lies in knowing when to delegate decisions to your heart and when to your mind.

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