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The Ten Most Dangerous Mistakes YOU Probably Make With Women

Mistakes - there are plenty of that when men go for dating women. Some learn fast from their mistakes and some learn a little slower. Unfortunately, there are some who never learn. What are the ten most common mistakes that men do with women. 

Improve Your Chances - Recognize The Mistakes

Aggressive pursuance - many men feel that being manly means not to take 'no' for an answer. So they keep pursuing a woman who refuses to acknowledge them.

This not only becomes unattractive to the woman he is pursuing but to the others who take note of this. Women need their men respecting their feelings and wishes and are always put off by aggressive behavior.

Needy attitude - the 'need' part should come later in the relationship when you know each other and have established some type of emotional bonding and inter-dependence.

However, when a man says 'I need you' from the beginning it is a total put off - to a woman he looks like a wimp.

Flashing power - there are men who love to impress with their money and power. Money is attractive to women but not when it is flaunted.

Women love the power of money when it subtle - when a man flaunts his money he becomes gross in her eyes and she writes him off.

Overbearing behavior with help - men who insult waiters and other help, who dismiss menial help like they are not human, are a big put off to women. This shows that they are basically brutes.

Obsessive behavior - for you (man) it may seem as undying love - but if you are unable to take a 'no' for an answer and you keep coming back you would look like a psycho more and Romeo less. Let go, when she says 'no'. Learn to back off.

One woman at a time syndrome - dating is not marriage. You need not date one woman at a time. In fact, the more women you are dating at the same time the more confident and 'yourself' you would feel.

Women love healthy competition and also the fact that you are popular with other women. However, the moment you become steady with one, you need to drop ALL the others.

Getting drunk - drink only if you are able to hold your drinks well. Whether in company of a woman or with men, you should not get a reputation of being a drunk. Most women hate even the mention of a drunken person - let alone find that attractive.

Accept her feminism as equality at paying the bills - it is nice to accept feminism as realty of life today.

Women are indeed equal in all aspects other than physical strength - and even here with the help of marital arts, etc they can be considered at par with any man.

However, when on a date the man should treat her like a flower, like a princess - with respect for her freedom yet utmost care and tenderness. She is definitely not to be takes as a buddy with back slapping, beer drinking and sharing the bill.

Looking for sex - men love sex. So do women. However, looking for sex in the first few dates is seen as bad taste as opportunistic.

There is faster way to lose the interest of a woman than indicating you want sex before the time is ripe - which is definitely not in the first 5-6 dates at least.

Talking only about self - many men are totally self-centered and fill the date time speaking only about themselves. The date is an opportunity to know each other not to brief her about your past. 

A woman find a man interesting, when he finds her interesting - and that is when he wants to know more about her, not the other way round.

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