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Dating - Great Opening And Conversation Tips

Dating is a major concern for both men and women. However, when it comes to opening lines and conversation topics, men usually have much more trouble finding the right words than women.

Many dates are wasted, missed or ruined because of the wrong opening lines or boring conversations. Actually, a good conversation (and opening line) is an art that needs to be cultivated carefully.

How To Start A Conversation With A Woman?

There are many great opening lines and methods of introduction to women. Check out a few great ideas to ignite an animated conversation:

Flattery - most women want to be attractive to men, just as men want to be attractive to women. Hence, complimenting them on their attractiveness and beauty is a sure-fire way to get the ball rolling.

Warning - use flattery with extreme finesse. The woman should feel appreciated as a human being, not as a sex object. Try a oblique approach such as, 'That is an exceptional dress you are wearing' or 'The way you move on the dancing floor is magnetic'.

Complaints - you could start a great conversation with a simple complaint about something that is obviously a pain in general. This could be, 'Oh, boy these TV shows suck' or 'This rain is killing me', or 'The music here is way too loud'.

Compliments - compliments used the same way as the complaints work as well. For example you could comment, 'What a great party this is" or "I love the food served here" or "Look at these gorgeous people gathered here" and so on.

Direct approach - you could always walk to the woman you want to speak and simply introduce yourself - 'Hi, I am Mat. How are you?' or 'Hi, I was watching you for a while. Can I bring you a drink?' Sometimes, this works like a charm.

Just be careful that you are relaxed and completely yourself when you use this approach. This gives the impression of self-assurance which many women find very attractive.

Introduction through a common friend - this is one of the oldest methods to break the ice with a woman; and a method which always works great.

Ask any of your friends who know the woman you want to speak with to introduce you to her. Then, pick up the conversation from there - using any of the above suggestions.

When it comes to conversation, the best is to ask her about herself and as soon as you find a common point guide the discussion that way. For example, does she have a cat as a pet?

Talk about the challenges and the joys that cats bring to one's life. Does she love dancing, talk about the latest craze in dancing, and so on. 

Women love men who seem genuinely interested in them. In order to look genuinely interested you should pay close attention to what she is saying and pick the conversation on topics that interest her.

If she hates football (which most women do), do not rave about the big game that is coming up. The key to an interesting conversation is the one that leads to discovering and entertains one another.

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