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Relationship Counseling - A Valuable Tool For A Better Relationship


Counseling literally means an act of giving ideas and opinions or a process of guidance through advice especially by a specialist in the given field.

Relationship Counseling

Relationship counseling is a way of counseling the parties (usually a couple) who are in a relationship in order to make it better and stronger or in order to reconcile the differences between them.

It may be a relationship between family members or a couple (married or unmarried), employees or employers working in a place, etc.

Relationship counseling has become a professional service only in the recent past. Before this though, even if there was no formal method of relationship counseling a similar job was done by elders, family members, friends, religious leaders, etc.

In fact, even today in some less advanced countries, these tasks are carried out by the group leaders or the village leaders.

The rising nuclear family trend has heightened the need of relationship counselors even more. Relationship counseling is now practiced by well trained and specialized professionals.

Relationship Counselor

A relationship counselor bears the task of listening, understanding and enabling a better understanding between the people involved in the process.

The most important principles that a relationship counselor has to adhere to are confidentiality (of the people involved) and being non-judgmental (about anything that is confided on them by the people involved in the situation).

A good relationship counselor is one who is mature enough to put himself in the position of the person whom he is counseling. He/she should also be able to respect their emotions, opinions and thoughts.

Need for relationship counseling

The need for relationship counseling arises when there is friction in relationships.

The friction could be due to substance abuse, finance, certain mental or physical condition, anger, cultural differences, unemployment, same-sex relationships, disloyalty, divorce, changing roles, differences about bringing up the child, infertility and more.

Couples therapy specifically is helpful where the couple’s relationship is troubled due to arguments, feeling distant and absence of affection or physical relationship with one another.

Sometimes, the reason of conflict may just be ego, greed, jealousy and most of all poor communication. 

Process of relationship counseling

In a typical relationship counseling scenario, both sides involved in the troubled relationship attend the therapy or counseling sessions to express their views and talk about the issues.

These sessions aim towards dealing with the immediate issues as well as strengthening their bond in general. 

Even before starting the counseling session, it is important to know the background and personal traits of the persons involved. Many a times the individuals in the relationship hold on to different value systems that shape different personalities.

Interaction (of the people concerned) with each other as well as a matured and least conflicting interaction with the society in general is of fundamental importance in relationship counseling.

Relationships that are overshadowed by ego, anger and bad communication can be brought into track by bringing changes in attitude and inter-personal relationships.

After evaluation of the story of conflict, a practical and realistic solution is developed both at the individual level and then jointly in a way that the best of efforts can be put by the persons in concern to reinvent their relationship with each other.


Thus, with the help of a qualified relationship counselor stability and harmony can be brought back into troubled relationships. It not only imparts peace to the people involved in such a situation but also to the people related to the individual parties. 

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